Why do I need 500 books?
Send them to:
Past clients – to get them talking and refer more business
Current clients– to affirm their decision and refer friends
Prospective clients – to separate yourself from other builders
Top realtors – to give them a selling tool
Developers– so they will look at you in a whole new way
Your competition– they will see you as a leader in the

That should use up your first 500 books! For just $1,000 more, you can change your initial order to 1,000 books.  You will want to have a supply on hand for the coming months.  (Don’t run out of copies in 30 days!)

What if someone asks if I really wrote this book?
I co-wrote it with another builder (exactly what it says on the cover). You can stop there…or you can explain the concept of ghostwriting. You worked with the co-author and your editor to produce the book.

How is this marketing tool any different than having a really nice brochure?
The fact is, this is the best brochure you could ever produce. By the time you come up with a marketing concept, hire a graphic artist, produce the copy, send it to print and coordinate the process–you could have this book in your hands! But the real difference is the results–this is marketing at a whole new level.

How else can I utilize this book?
Every time a prospective client calls your office, your team will automatically ask, “Have you received (insert your name) new book?”  Mail it as part of your marketing package.

What does offering a book really do for me and my company?
Writing a book is equivalent to having 20 years experience or  a doctorate degree in your given field.  It lets people know instantly you are an expert in your field, and also makes you a credible authority.

How long does it take to get my 500 books?
From final proof, your books can be delivered to your office within 30 business days.

How long does it take to get to a final proof?
That depends on how timely you provide the information to our editing team and how timely you approve the draft once we get it to you.  This process can be done in as few as 15 business days or as many as 30 to 45 business days.

This all sounds too good to be true.  Is there a catch?
There is no catch.  The truth is that most builders wear so many hats they don’t have the time or the energy needed to write and produce a book.  This book has already been written for you and we have created a very simple process so you can cash in on this effective marketing tool.

What does the licensing fee buy me?
It gives you 500 high quality books and the exclusive right to distribute your books within a 30-mile radius of your place of business for a period of 36-months.

Can I sell my books on my company’s website?
Absolutely!  You can sell them on your website and from your office.  Because you are purchasing exclusive rights within a 30-mile radius, your sales are limited to your own local

If I want to have a chapter written that is specific to my company, is that possible?
Yes.  It’s simple.  For an additional fee, our editor will write as many customized chapters as you choose.

What if I want to modify parts of a chapter that is already written?
You can modify up to 5 chapters at no cost (up to 7 hours).  Additional editing is available for $50 per chapter (1.5 hours).  You may customize your book as much as you want.

Can I eliminate chapters that do not apply to my company?
Yes, you may eliminate as many chapters as you choose.

What can I expect from prospects reading my book?
People who are looking for someone to build their new home have an immediate sense of trust and confidence in you.  You are perceived to be an expert authority who has separated himself from other builders.

How does this help my clients?
An informed client who reads your book will be willing to pay more for your service.


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