Building A Quality Custom Home – What You Need To Know

Comments & Accolades

 Thanks for the copy of your book.  It is great!   Congratulations.  What a great marketing tool this will be…and the start of a new career. 

–Bob Whitten (SMA Consulting)


I met you at the 2003 Street of Dreams, and made contact at the 2007 Spring Parade of Homes. I am halfway done with the book, and am interested in building with you hopefully in 2008 or maybe in 2009.                                 –Mike (prospect)


Thank you for the book, I have a client that is buying property and asked me to look at a lakefront lot to build them a home.  This may be a good fit for your company

–Lisa (realtor)


Thank you so very much for the copy of your new book.  Having built a home many years ago with another builder, I became immediately interested as I recognized the many situations that I fell victim to.  I could not put this book down until I had read it cover to cover. If you can convince your clients to read it cover to cover before they put their name on a contract, I am convinced you will have a happy and easy relationship throughout the building process.  A truly wonderful publication that should be required reading before anyone would consider before building there dream home.

–Maggie and Ivan (prospects)


Thanks for sending us a copy of your book.  It is very enlightening and easy to read.  In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I want to send a copy of it to a friend of mine in Maryland, so I have enclosed a check for another copy.  We are so glad that Dave Konkol Homes has grown into such a wonderful success, so well deserved.

–Mel and Dee (clients)


What a fabulous accomplishment…your book!  We genuinely appreciate you sharing it with us and think it is going to be very helpful to builders.  I personally love Dave’s Advice! We had such a wonderful experience building with you and it will always be a special memory for us.

–Bob & Karen (clients)